Katherine Mary CLUTTERBUCK

Also known as: Sister Kate

Born: 1861

Died: 31 July 1946

Special Achievements:

1 January 1934 - Appointed Order of the British Empire (Member of the Civil Division), for her services to disadvantaged children.

Additional Information:

Pioneer Anglican nun who commenced a cottage home system for children in Western Australia.

1883 - Joined the Kilburn Sisters.

1883-1900 - Worked in London soup kitchens and homeless shelters.

December 1901 - She and her colleague Sister Sarah arrived in Fremantle, Western Australia with twenty-two English orphans.

end of 1902 - They “bought a 20-acre (8 ha) property at Parkerville in the Darling Ranges.”

1905 – "They were fostering forty-five children.”

1911 - One hundred (100) “children lived in the Parkerville Homes.”

1933 - Eight hundred (800) children lived in the Homes.

1933 - Retired from Parkerville Homes.

After retirement from the Homes, she created in Queen’s Park a home for aboriginal children.

1945 – “Over 150 children had been sent to her and the commissioner for native affairs wrote in his annual report: 'There is no more deserving home in the State'.”