Isabel Clifton COOKSON

Born: 25 December 1893

Died: 1 July 1973

Special Achievements:

The Cooksonia plant genus and the Isabel Cookson Award (Botanical Society of America) have been named in her honour.

Additional Information:

Botanist and Palaeobotanist.

1916 - Graduated Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), majoring in botany and zoology, University of Melbourne, Victoria.

1916-1917 - Government research scholarship received to study the flora of the Northern Territory.

1926-1927 - Researcher, University of Manchester, England.

1929 - Studied under Professor Lang, a specialist in fossil plants, University of Manchester, England.

1932 - Received Doctor of Science (DSc), University of Melbourne.

1948-1949 - Received a grant as a Leverhulme Researcher, University of Manchester, England.

1952-1963 - Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Botany, University of Melbourne.