Leone Beth CREAMER

Born: 1929

Special Achievements:

1966 - The first female horse trainer in New South Wales.

1972-1973 - First woman horse trainer to reach the top ten trainers in the Southern Tablelands and South Coast (New South Wales) Racing Premiership Table.

1974-1975 - First woman to win the Bega Jockey Club [Bega, New South Wales] Trainer of the Year.

1975-1976 - First woman to train the S.T & S.C.R. Assoc. Horse of the Year.

Additional Information:

A book Horse-Sweat and Tears has been written about Leone's achievements as a trainer.

1968-69 - She obtained an owner-trainer's licence.

1986 - “She stopped racing and began dressage, as well as teaching children to ride.”

2009 - “At age 80 she won the Nature Vet Fossil’s Cup at the Bega Showjumping Club’s Annual Fossil Cup Day while riding her horse Patrick.”