Also known as: Fanny

Born: 1889

Died: 1956

Special Achievements:

With Wilhelmina (Mina) Wylie, they were Australia's first female Olympians, competing in the first ladies' event --- swimming --- in 1912. The two girls were only permitted to go to Stockholm by the all-male Australian committee when they had found chaperones and raised funds for their passage. Returning home triumphant with a gold medal after winning the 100 metres freestyle, Fanny was Australia's first female Olympic gold medalist. Mina won silver.

Additional Information:

Australia's first female Gold Medallist (first time pool events for women were part of Olympics).
One of three women who were first to be awarded 'Award of Merit' and 'Silver Medallion' from Royal Life Saving Society.


  • Image - Fanny Durack

    Photographer: unknown

    National Library of Australia

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