Matilda Jane EVANS

Also known as: née Congreve, Maud Jeanne Franc

Born: 7 August 1827

Died: 22 October 1886

Special Achievements:

1859/60 - First South Australian woman to have a novel published, Marian; or the light of Some One's Home, using the pen name Maud Jeanne Franc. Three editions were published 1860-1861.
1860 - She opened a school in Angaston, on the eastern side of the Barossa Valley in South Australia.
1866 - Her second book Vermont Vale: or Home Pictures in Australia was published.
1880 - Beatrice Melton's Discipline describes her husband’s last hours.
She wrote many short stories, local journal articles, and fourteen novels, all had at least two editions. To name a few: Emily's Choice: An Australian Tale (1867), Minnie's Mission: an Australian Temperance Tale (1869), and Golden Gifts (1869).
1882 - Retired from teaching and became a deaconess in the North Adelaide Baptist Church.

Additional Information:

See Our Own Matilda by Barbara Wall (published 1994); copy held in WMoA Library.