Janet Catherine FINLAYSON

Also known as: Jean

Special Achievements:

In 1915, John Flynn asked Sister Jean Finlayson to do a one-year trial as nursing sister in Stuart (now known as Alice Springs).  1915-1916 - First official Nursing Sister in Stuart.  Sister Finlayson's accommodation was a two-roomed slab hut which was also "The Hospital."  She travelled out to stations and mining camps as far as 50 km from town.

Additional Information:

She was a triple-certified Sister and Presbyterian deaconess.  Australian Inland Mission.


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         Sister Jean Finlayson --- First official Nursing Sister in Stuart (Alice Springs)
         Sister Jean Finlayson, a Nursing Sister and Commissioned Deaconess of the Presbyterian Church at Oodnadatta, volunteered to come to Stuart for a year, following the tragic death of a small child in CA.  When her replacement arrived in Oodnadatta, Sister was taken the 400 miles (640 km) to Stuart by horse and buggy in 1915, and stayed with Police Sergeant Stott ... and family.
         Sam Nicker ... and Gerhardt Johannsen ... set up a tent for Jean under an old roof nearby.  When the Nicker family returned to their station, Jean moved into "Myrtle Villa" which soon became known as "Sister's Hospital."  Sister attended to medical needs of patients within a radius of 150 km and held ecumenical services and Sunday School in the Prison Warders' room at the rear of the Town Gaol.
         Jean left for Sydney in 1916 when her mother became ill.  Following recommendations by Jean, Dr. John Flynn ..., Skipper Partridge ... and other people, the AIM Hostel, Adelaide House, was opened in 1926.
         When Jean left, Mrs Ida Standley, the first school teacher, moved into "Myrtle Villa."