Annie Mackenzie GOLDING

Born: 27 October 1855

Died: 28 December 1934

Special Achievements:

Lobbied for equal pay, female education, removal of sex barrier in employment (e.g., appointment of women as JPs and police officers).  In 1909, wrote a paper entitled "The Industrial and Social Condition of Women in the Australian Commonwealth" [re-printed in Daniels, K and M Murnane (eds) (1980) "Uphill all the way - a documentary history of women in Australia"].

Additional Information:

Leading suffragist and labour movement activist in New South Wales; active in the Teacher's Association of New South Wales, Public School Teachers' Institute and the Council of New South Wales Public School Teachers' Association. Along with her sisters, member of Newtown branch of the Womanhood Suffrage League of New South Wales, which was expelled from the organisation because of political activity. Subsequently she and others formed the Women's Progressive Association. Member of the State Child Relief Board. Well read in women's history and women's suffrage activities throughout the English-speaking world.

See also sisters Isabella Golding and Kate Dwyer.