Agnes Knight GOODE

Also known as: née Fleming, Mrs A K Goode

Born: 31 January 1872

Died: 20 February 1947

Special Achievements:

1916 - One of the first South Australian female Justices of the Peace and the first to take her seat on the bench with the Stipendiary Magistrate.
1923 - The first woman pre-selected as a Parliamentary candidate in South Australia.
1925 - The first woman in South Australia elected as a municipal councillor, St. Peters Council, Hackney ward.
1929 - Re-elected.

Additional Information:

1916-1921 & 1921-1922 - Secretary and president of the Liberal Women's Educational Association.
1918-1924 - Edited the Liberal Leader women's page.
1923 - Selected by the Liberal Federation/South Australia to stand for the House of Assembly Adelaide district seat.
1924 - Appointed "Official Visitor" to the Parkside Mental Asylum.
1929-1930 - An early president of the Housewives' Association.