Born: 1929

Aboriginal or Torrest Stait Islander: Yes

Special Achievements:

1929 - First Aboriginal baby born at Mitchell Hospital, Mitchell, Queensland.

Now an author, her first book, Is That You, Ruthie? (1999), was an autobiography. Her second book is Bittersweet Journey (2003), and the latest is Jack’s Story: The life and times of a Cherbourg Dormitory Boy.

1998 - Won the David Unaipon Award for Is That You Ruthie?.

1998 - Awarded the Premier's Award for Queensland Seniors, for services to the community.

2007 - Member of the Queensland Stolen Wages Working Group in the Senate enquiry of Stolen Wages.

2010 - Recipient of the Queensland Greats Awards.

She is a founding member of Koobara Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family Resource Centre.