Margery HOBBS

Also known as: Marge

Additional Information:

In June 1947 Marge began work at the Alice Spring Hospital, combining nursing and wardsmaid duties.  The Delany brothers brought a baby eagle to her to attend to.  He was called Buster and “had the run of the hospital during the day.  He would make regular visits to various departments and spend some time with the staff.”


  • Image - Marge Hobbs with Buster

    Marge Hobbs and the baby eagles

    Image used with permission and taken from Reg Harris's book, "Legendary Territorians", Harris Nominees Pty Ltd, 2007, page 117.

  • References

    Harris, Reg. (2007).  Legendary TerritoriansAlice Springs, Northern Territory:  Harris Nominees Pty Ltd., pages 117-118.