Mary Alice HOLMAN

Also known as: May

Born: 18 July 1893

Died: 20 March 1939

Special Achievements:

Australia's first female Labor Parliamentarian (Western Australia) who served more than ten years.


  • References

    Camilleri, Jenny. (2002).  Mary Alice Holman (May).  Some Outstanding Women of Broken Hill & District (82).  Jenny Camilleri.

  • Image - May Holman

    A cropped image of May Holman, the West Australian politician, musician, and perthonality. [sic] She is wearing a loosely tailored cloak, made from the skin of an fluffy animal, and is holding a book in the original photograh. [sic] Obtained from an online article published by Curtin University, entitled 1926, Diary of a Labour Man [John Curtin] as editor of the Westralian Worker.

    Wikimedia Commons: File:May Holman MLA (crop).jpg

  • References

    Nugent, Maria.  (2002).  Women’s Employment and Professionalism in Australia:  Histories, Themes and Places.  Canberra, ACT:  Australia Heritage Commission, p. 84.
    “Associated with Edith Cowan (first woman member of State Assembly); May Holman (first woman Labor member of the Legislative Assembly; Florence Cardell-Oliver (first woman cabinet minister in the State Assembly); and Carmen Lawrence (the first women [sic] premier.”