Beatrice May HUTTON

Also known as: Bea

Born: 16/07/1893

Died: 7/10/1990

Special Achievements:

She became the chief draftsperson of Hocking and Palmer [Queensland] during Edwin Morton Hockings' war service.
1916 - First woman associate member of Queensland Institute of Architects.
The heritage listed Rudd Residence, Rockhampton, and other "wide verandahed houses" have been attributed to her.
late 1916 - She moved to Sydney, where she focused on residential projects in addition to the New South Wales Masonic Club building and Sirius House.
1931-33 - Ms. Hutton was a junior partner of Claude William Chambers as Chambers and Hutton.  "It may be that Hutton was the only woman practicing as a principal in Sydney at the time."

Additional Information:

"She wanted to follow in her father's footsteps as a surveyor, but had to accept architecture as the nearest feasible alternative."
After moving to Brisbane, she opened an art studio, exhibiting and selling her wood carvings.


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  • Image - Beatrice Hutton

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