Heather INNES

Born: 11 June 1939

Special Achievements:

First woman to lead a drug squad in Australia - Aerial Drug Spotting and Search and Rescue Operations.

Additional Information:

Operates own charter company on north west coast of Tasmania which is also involved with counting seal colonies and surveying national parks for fires.

Used her flying skills whilst with Tasmanian Police Force Aerial Drug spotting and search and rescue operations
Member of Tasmanian Police Force (joined 1961) - Retired (1989)as Detective Inspector

Won a Churchill Fellowship to study Moral Law in the UK and Scandinavia.

Represented Australia in 1956 Olympics in Melbourne in the sport of Javelin. 

Heather was awarded the Order of Australia in 1993 for her significant contribution to Australian life on the sporting field, in the police and in the air.