Margaret Mary KELMAN

Also known as: née McKillop, Peg, Peggy

Born: 6/4/1909

Died: 23/12/1998

Special Achievements:

Peggy flew barnstorming flights in New South Wales in 1935.  In one day's work she achieved 29 take offs.  This Aussie pilot claimed but one record:  "The first and only pilot to fly from England to Australia whilst pregnant."  Peggy with her great love of flight was still flying well into her eighties.
1935 - Peggy Kelman and Nancy Bird were the first two women in New South Wales to fly at night.
1937 - She said she was the first and only pioneering pilot to fly from England to Australia while pregnant.

Additional Information:

1932 - Gained her A license (now called Private Pilot license).
1935 - Received a commercial license.
1978 - She was awarded an Order of the British Empire (OBE) in  for her services to women's aviation.
1985 - Made a Life Member of Australian Women Pilots' Association.