Born: 1946

Special Achievements:

Jill has lived aboard, sailed, and maintained her historical gaff cutter, Cooee, since 1983. She left Australia with Cooee’s previous owner, New Zealander Peter Cree, and bought the vessel in 1988 while they were in the Philippines. Cooee was built for snapper fishing in Auckland in 1894, an era in which workboats, without engines or refrigeration, had to sail well. After leaving the Philippines, Jill cruised on alone to circumnavigate the world before returning to Australia in 1996. She continues to live aboard, sail, and maintain Cooee, mostly around Queensland waters in recent times.

Additional Information:

Jill worked in various countries during her voyaging, including China and Swaziland, and wrote for international sailing magazines to support herself, her boat, and a series of three feline companions. She has continued to contribute to magazines in Australia and has written two novels: Navigating the Edge, HarperCollins, 2002 and Port Dolorosa, Kindle and iBooks, 2016; both are adventure thrillers with maritime settings.