Carmen Mary LAWRENCE

Born: 1948

Special Achievements:

1990 - First female to head a state government when elected Premier of Western Australia, following the disposing of the Premier by the Labour Government. She was defeated at the next election.

Additional Information:

2003 - She became the first female President of the Australian Labour Party.


  • Image - Carmen Mary Lawrence

    Photographer: unknown

    National Library of Australia

  • References

    Nugent, Maria.  (2002).  Women’s Employment and Professionalism in Australia:  Histories, Themes and Places.  Canberra, ACT:  Australia Heritage Commission, p. 84.
    “Associated with Edith Cowan (first woman member of State Assembly); May Holman (first woman Labor member of the Legislative Assembly; Florence Cardell-Oliver (first woman cabinet minister in the State Assembly); and Carmen Lawrence (the first women [sic] premier.”