Patricia Kathleen LITTLEJOHN

Also known as: née Littlejohn, Patricia Abbott

Born: 23/6/1913

Died: 9/1998

Special Achievements:

Pat Littlejohn was the second woman to enrol in the Sydney University faculty of Veterinary Science, in 1931, but the first to graduate, in 1935 (Ann Flashman was the first to enrol in the course and graduated a year after Pat Littlejohn).  Pat worked as a teacher in Australia, as a veterinary officer and pathologist in New Guinea (after doing further training) and and as a pathologist in England at the Glaxo Laboratories, working on tissue changes associated with veterinary drugs under development.

Additional Information:

Pat also brought up a family while accompanying her husband on his postings with the British Colonial Service.


  • Image - Patricia Littlejohn at Berry c1934

    Image courtesy of University of Sydney