Louise Nellie LOVELY

Also known as: née Alberti, Louise Alberti (maiden name), Louise Carbasse (stage name), Louise Cowan (married name), Louise Lovely (stage name), Louise Welch (former married name)

Born: 28 February 1895

Died: 19 March 1980

Special Achievements:

She is credited by film historians for being the first Australian actress to have a successful career in Hollywood.  She made 55 motion pictures between 1911-1922, most in Hollywood after going there in 1915.

Additional Information:

1904 - Her first stage role as Little Eva in Uncle Tom's Cabin.
1915 - She was signed to Universal Studios.
1917 - Universal established Louise Lovely Productions, however Lovely herself had no control over the productions.
1918 - She left Universal over contract disputes and shortly after began work with Fox Studios.
1921 - Starred in her final US film. 1925 - She produced her final film Jewelled Nights.