Marie Louise Hamilton MACK

Also known as: née Mack, registered as Mary Louisa, Louise Creed, Gouli Gouli, Louise Leyland, Mary Mack

Born: 10/10/1870

Died: 23/11/1935

Special Achievements:

1914 - First woman war correspondent, Belgium, reporting for the Evening News and the Daily Mail.

Additional Information:

Late 1880s - Contributor to The Bulletin, an Australian magazine, Sydney.
1896 - Novel The World is Round published.
1898 – Joined The Bulletin staff.
1902 - An Australian Girl in London published.
1904 - Children of the Sun published.
1904-7 - Edited the Italian Gazette, Florence.
1915 - A Woman’s Experiences in the Great War published.
1933 - Teens Triumphant published.
1934 - Maiden’s Prayer published.


  • Image - Portrait of Louise Mack

    Louise Mack (1874 - 1935) , journalist and author.

    Out of copyright. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland.

  • Image - Portrait of Louise Mack

    Australian Literary Society photograph collection.

    Out of copyright. National Library of Australia

  • Image - Louise Mack, writer, August 1897 / photographer J. Hubert Newman

    Out of copyright. National Library of Australia