Elizabeth Nesta MARKS

Also known as: Pat, Patricia

Born: 28 April 1918

Died: 25 October 2002

Special Achievements:

An Australian entomologist who described 38 new mosquito species, as well as new species of fruit flies, bugs, cockroaches, and ticks.

Additional Information:

1938 - Bachelor of Science in Zoology, University of Queensland.
1939 - Honours (second class) degree in the parasitology of marsupial animals.
1940 - Master of Science.
Doctor of Philosophy in insect physiology, University of Cambridge, Newnham College, England.


  • Image - Elizabeth Nesta Marks (1918-2002) taking her M.Sc.

    File:Photograph of Elizabeth Nesta Marks after her graduation from the University of Queensland in 1940.jpg

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