Lilian Daphne MAYO

Also known as: Daphne

Born: 1 October 1895

Died: 31 July 1982

Special Achievements:

1919 - First woman to be awarded the Rome Scholarship by the Royal Academy in London.
1927-30 - Carved the Brisbane City Hall tympanum.
1929-32 - Carved the Queensland Women's War Memorial, Anzac Square.
1934 - Carved the relief panels for the chapel at Mt Thompson Crematorium.
1959 – Awarded Member of the Order of the British Empire, contribution to art.
1960 - Appointed the Queensland Art Gallery's first woman trustee.

Additional Information:

1920-23 - Attended the Royal Academy of Sculpture; won gold, silver, and bronze medals.
1923 - Awarded travelling scholarship; visited the Continent, particularly Italy and Rome.
1929 - with Vida Lahey, she founded the Queensland Art Fund.