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Isabella Mercia McDONAGH

Also known as: Isabel, Marie Lorraine (pen/professional name), Isobel Stewart (married name)

Born: 3/1/1899

Died: 5/3/1982

Special Achievements:

1933 - One of the McDonagh Sisters - first all female run film company in Australia.
2001 - Victorian Honour Roll of Women.

Additional Information:

Using their home, the McDonagh sisters wrote, produced, and directed four films starring Isobel McDonagh. Their final film Two Minutes Silence of 1933 was the last Australian film to be directed by a woman for over 45 years.
Isabel worked as a nurse in her father's hospital at College Street, founded a photographic parlour with Rennie Pardon and modelled for Thea Proctor.


  • Video - The far paradise (1928, Australia), Paulette McDonagh


    not known

  • Video - The Cheaters (1929) - NFSA Restores Trailer


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