Linda Carol McGILL

Also known as: Linda Kruk

Born: 17/12/1945

Special Achievements:

The first Australian woman to swim across the 35 kilometre English Channel in 1965; this Olympic swimmer was also the first person to swim around Hong Kong Island and across Port Phillip Bay, Victoria.

1962 - British Empire and Commonwealth Games: won the bronze medal in the women's 110-yard butterfly, the silver medal in the women's 440-yard individual medley, and the gold medal in the 4×110-yard medley relay.
1965 - She became the first Australian to swim the English Channel.
1967 - She beat the women’s record with a time of just under 10 hours, English Channel.
1968 - First Australian to swim across Port Phillip Bay, Victoria. 1976 - She became the first person ever to swim around Hong Kong Island, accomplishing this in just over 17 hours.

Additional Information:

1964 - She was banned by amateur swimming authorities for alleged misbehavior at the Tokyo Olympic Games.


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