Hephzibah MENUHIN

Born: 20/05/1920

Died: 1/01/1981

Special Achievements:

She made her public debut at age 8 in San Francisco.  She was her brother Yehudi’s accompanist as her parents rejected a career in music for her.
1933 - Their recording of Mozart’s Sonata in A won the Candide prize, and their musical partnership continued at intervals for the rest of her life.
1939 - She was offered a solo debut with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.
1948 - She initiated and ran Victoria’s first travelling library for children.

Additional Information:

Heroine, Pianist, and Social Reformer.
1962 - With her husband Richard Hauser, wrote The Fraternal Society.


  • Image - Yehudi Menuhin and his sister Hephzibah

    File:StateLibQld 2 207673 Yehudi Menuhin and his sister Hephzibah.jpg

    Wikimedia Commons

  • Image - Brother and sister Menuhin in Amsterdam

    File:Hepsyba en Yehudi Menuhin (1963).jpg

    Wikimedia Commons

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