Also known as: née Twamley

Born: 20/07/1812

Died: 21/10/1895

Special Achievements:

1880 - First women in Australia to design a postage stamp.  She sketched the platypus on a Tasmanian Duty Stamp.  Two years later these stamps were authorised for postal use.

Additional Information:

1835 - Published her first book --- a collection of poems, with illustrations designed and etched by herself.
1844 - She published Notes and Sketches of New South Wales, in London.
1850 - She completed a companion account in two volumes:  My Home in Tasmania, during a residence of nine years.
1861 - Published Over the Straits:  A Visit to Victoria.
Also, the author of Phoebe's Mother (1869), Tasmanian Friends and Foes, Feathered, Furred and Finned:  A Family Chronicle of Country Life (1880), Nellie, or Seeking Goodly Pearls (1882).
1842-1891 - Seven books of poems were produced.
1866 - Her wildflower drawings won medals in exhibitions in Australia and overseas, notably in the Melbourne Exhibition of 1866.
1884 - The Tasmanian government granted her a pension of £100 “distinguished literary and artistic services” to the colony.


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