Also known as: nee Williams

Special Achievements:

Annie Williams arrived in Alice Springs in the late 1890s.  Here she married Charlie Meyers (aka Aaron Schunke), the local saddler.  They had four children:  Dorothy Annie, Herman John (Jack), Henrietta Stuart (died in infancy) and Gwendoline (Gwen).

Annie was an independent and enterprising woman.  She was known for helping to deliver babies, she liked to ride sidesaddle out to the Telegraph Station to play tennis and she was the Foundation President of the Croquet Club.

She left town for a while in the early 1900s but returned around 1924.  By this time, she and Charlie led separate lives.

On her return, she opened up her home as a guest house and was noted for her fine table and gracious hospitality.

Additional Information:

Annie Meyers and Atlanta Bradshaw helped each other during their pregnancies. They also consulted Adelaide doctors for medical advice via morse code over the telegraph line.

Mrs Annie Meyers ... sister Bessie was married to Atlanta's brother Ernest Allchurch.


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    Telegraph Station Families [B 22622] • Photograph Summary: Telegraph Station wives and families. Dates / Publication details: Approximately 1895 Collection: Part of Alice Springs Collection

    State Library of South Australia