Elina Emily MOTTRAM

Born: 1903

Died: 1996

Special Achievements:

Queensland's longest practicing female architect was also the first to establish her own business in this State.  She opened an office in Brisbane in 1924, and two years later practiced on her own in Longreach, where she designed several houses and public buildings including the Masonic Temple, built in 1927.  She retired from practice in the early 1980s.

Additional Information:

1924 - First woman architect in Queensland (Brisbane).  Worked with builder father in Longreach & Rockhampton.During World War II was employed as Draughtswoman by U.S. Army Engineering Office at North Rockhampton.


  • Image - Elina Mottram

    Wikimedia Commons: File:Elinamottram.jpg. This image is of Australian origin and is now in the public domain because its term of copyright has expired.

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  • Image - Map of Corinda with a red to pointing to architect Elina Mottram's Monkton house.

    6 May 2014, 11:43:49

    Wikimedia Commons: File:Corinda Map.png

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    “Designed by Elina Mottram, an early woman architect from Queensland.”