Marita MUNRO

Born: 1955

Special Achievements:

Marita Munro was the Baptist Church's first woman minister when ordained in Victoria in 1978.


  • Image - Rev Dr Marita Munro

    Photo used with permission of Rev Dr Marita Munro.

  • Video - Marita Munro, Whitley College, 2015


  • Video - Whitley - Marita Munro, Christianity Through the Centuries: Reformation, 2015 Semester 2


  • Image - Reverend Miss Munro

    MELBOURNE: Miss Marita Munro, 23, became the first woman Baptist minister in Australia, when she was ordained at the Collins Street Baptist Church yesterday, four years after she decided to apply for the ministry. She said she had had "no trouble" being accepted.

    Trove: Canberra Times (ACT: 1926 - 1995), Monday 2 October 1978, page 3