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Jacqueline NINIO

Also known as: Jackie

Special Achievements:

Jacqueline Ninio, in Sydney, was the third female Progressive Rabbi, ordained in 1998.


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    IT'S'AMAZING the deep feelings roused by simply matching personal struggles, be it for cake on the top shelf or even the higher things such as spiritual enlightenment. Not a Job for a Nice Jewish Girl, the next in the About Us series on SBS at 8.30pm on Wednesday is about a personal struggle, which will really stir your emotions. The film follows a young Jewish woman, Jacqueline Ninio of Adelaide, in her quest to become a Rabbi — only the third female Rabbi to practice in Australia. Jacqueline's biggest hurdle to becoming a Rabbi is that most Jews don't consider her a member of the Faith. You see, Jacqueline's mother converted to Judaism after Jackie was born. So although Jacqueline's dad is a Jew and Lord Mayor of Adelaide to boot, most Jews says she has to undergo conversion too before she's truly Jewish. ...

    Trove: Canberra Times (ACT: 1926 - 1995), Monday 29 August 1994, page 36