Eily Rosaline O'CONNOR

Also known as: Eileen

Born: 19/2/1892

Died: 10/1/1921

Special Achievements:

1913 - Founded, with Father McGrath, Our Lady's Nurses for the Poor.  Opposition from church authorities threatened Father McGrath with expulsion from his order and Eileen with excommunication.  In 1915 they travelled to Rome where Father McGrath appealed his case, and Eileen’s case was rejected as invalid.  She became the first resident and manager of Our Lady's Home.


  • Image - Eily Rosaline "Eileen" O'Connor

    This painting of Eileen was completed in 1920, just before her death.

    Photo used with permission of Our Lady’s Nurses for the Poor.

  • Document - Eileen Rosaline O’Connor profile for National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame in Alice Springs

    Jim Lindsay for Our Lady’s Nurses for the Poor

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