Jessie Sinclair LITCHFIELD

Also known as: née Phillips

Born: 18 February 1883

Died: 12 March 1956

Special Achievements:

1953 - Recipient of Coronation Medal for outstanding service to the Northern Territory.
1955 - She became the first woman in the Territory to be appointed a justice of the peace.

Additional Information:

Raised seven children from West Arm, Anson Bay, Brocks Creek, Pine Creek & Darwin.  Her husband Valentine Augustus LITCHIFLED worked for Diamond Drills and Vestas. 
1930 - Author of "Far North Memoirs."
1930s - Jessie became Editor of Northern Territory Times Newspaper.  She was also a reporter for southern and overseas newspapers.
1942 - Purchased and opened a small lending library, 'The Roberta.'
1954 - She helped to establish the North Australian Monthly, serving as assistant editor and Territory correspondent.
Left request in her will that her estate to be used to set up a literary prize - "The Jesse Litchfield Prize."


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