Olive PINK

Born: 1884

Died: 1975

Special Achievements:

Olive Pink was one of Australia’s pioneering women anthropologists and the founder of what is now the Olive Pink Botanic Gardens on Tuncks Road, Alice Springs.
She was also a fierce fighter for Aboriginal rights and a strong critic of missionaries, Federal and State governments, and many anthropologists and bureaucrats.  She gained a reputation for being quite an eccentric in later years.
Always immaculately dressed in a white pith helmet, a cream high-necked blouse, long brown or cream skirt and white gloves, she is remembered for her long letters of complaint to those who had wronged her.  She named trees at her flora reserve after prominent officials and then if they failed to please her she would stop watering their particular tree.  She died in her 91st year in 1975 and is buried with a headstone facing her beloved Mt Gillen, and contrary to the end, in the opposite direction to all the other graves.

Additional Information:

Founder of the Olive Pink Botanical Gardens in Alice Springs (originally Australian Arid Regions Nature Flora Reserve
One of Australia's pioneering women Anthropologist.