Special Achievements:

Reverend Joyce was admitted to the Order of Deaconesses in 1955, the only ministry open to women at that time. She was made deacon in 1986 and ordained priest in 1992, with the first group of women to be ordained as priests in Australia. She has made significant contributions to ministry in the Diocese of Perth, including the Parish of Applecross, Diocesan Board of Religious Education, St George’s Cathedral, and the Parish of Yanchep as well as St Mary’s.

In 1999, Reverend Joyce was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia, for service to the community through the Anglican Church. She also received the Enduring Service Award from the Australian Association of Religious Educators (AARE) in 2013, for her length of service in ministry in the Anglican Church.


  • Image - Joyce Polson

    Ten women --- seen here on either side of the Rev'd Bob Milne, from left to right --- Elizabeth Couche, Kay Goldsworthy, Jenny Hall, Judith Peterkin, Robin Tandy, Joyce Polson, Cathy Pinner, Tess Milne, Pam Halbert, and Betty Arney were ordained in Perth on Sunday, 7 March 1992. Photographer: unknown

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