Also known as: née Chaja Rubinstein, Madame Helena Rubinstein, Princess Gourielli

Born: 25 December 1872

Died: 1 April 1965

Additional Information:

Head of global cosmetics empire.  Rags to riches story - born in Poland and migrated to Australia.  Became waitress in Melbourne before experimenting with sheep wool oil as base for cosmetics.


  • References

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  • Image - Helena Rubinstein by Paul César Helleu

    Head of Helena Rubinstein with egret feathers *Etching *70.8 x 53.6 cm *executed circa 1908 *signed l.r.: Helleu; 28 September 2011; Helena_Rubinstein_by_Paul_César_Helleu_(1859-1927).jpg

    Wikimedia Commons: File:Helena Rubinstein by Paul César Helleu (1859-1927) cropped.jpg

  • Image - Helena Rubinstein

    Polish-American cosmetics industrialist Helena Rubinstein (1870-1965), date unrecorded

    Wikimedia Commons: File:Helena Rubinstein 2.jpg