May Gertrude SHEPHERD

Also known as: née Bradford

Born: 1897

Died: 24 January 1937

Special Achievements:

1931 - First Australian aviatrix to “hold first class pilot's 'A', 'B' and 'C' licences concurrently, in addition to a 'D' electrical ground engineers' certificate. She was also the first and the only woman in Australia, at the time, known to hold a 'X' certificate in oxy-welding and metallurgy.”

1936 – “One of the five female pilots in the Adelaide Centenary Air Race along with Nancy Bird, Lores Bonney, Freda Thompson and Ivy May Pearce.”

Additional Information:

1920 – “Awarded the fastest time ever recorded by a man or woman for hunt riding on the Brisbane Showground.”
“An expert rifle shot and sportswoman.”
“A qualified gem expert selling sapphires and opals.”