Sarah Lester SIMPSON

Also known as: née Mills

Born: April 1843

Special Achievements:

1873 - She was one of the first women teachers to be placed on the roll of the Education Department.
Pioneer educator of Victoria.
Established Mentone High School or "Simpson's School", which later became the Mentone Girls' Grammar School.

Additional Information:

Attended Celbridge College (with a relationship with Trinity College), Dublin University, Dublin, Republic of Ireland.  Following graduation, she taught at Roscommon School, Roscommon, Ireland.
As the Australian National Board and the Denominational Board did not recognize her Irish teaching qualifications, she attended St Paul's Training Institution, Melbourne, Victoria.
"It is interesting to note that she gained a Trained Teacher's Certificate from St. Paul's Training Institution, which indicated that she was given first class honours in eight subjects, but failed to pass in Music and Art.  Some 127 years later a Music and Arts & Crafts building at Mentone Girls' Grammar School, Melbourne, was named after her.  Those who made this decision apparently were not in possession of a copy of her Teacher Training Certificate!"


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    Sarah Lester Simpson (née Mills) from NPWHF Sarah Lester SIMPSON file

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    William Hamilton Simpson & Sarah Lester Simpson from NPWHF Sarah Lester SIMPSON file

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    The SIMPSON FAMILY - From left, Ethel (Mrs Thompson), Mrs Sarah Simpson (nee Mills), Minnie (Mrs Somerville), William Hamilton Simpson, Effie (Mrs Seward), Daisy-Ella (Mrs Barnett). from NPWHF Sarah Lester SIMPSON file