Dorothy Margaret TANGNEY

Also known as: Dame Dorothy Tangney

Born: 12/03/1907

Died: 03/06/1985

Special Achievements:

The first woman in the Federal Senate when elected in August 1943, she was a Senator for Western Australia for 25 years, the only female member of the Australian Labor Party throughout her term of office. She was also the first woman to serve on any parliamentary committee; the Senate Standing Committee on Regulations and Ordinances.

1943 - First WA woman from the Australian Labor Party, along with Dame Enid Lyons of Tasmania (United Australian Party) to be elected to Parliament.
1943 - First Australian woman Senator (Western Australia).

Additional Information:

1929 -  Founded and presided the Fremantle Young People's Ideal Club (early version of the West Australian Young Labor League).

1943-1947 - Member of Senate Standing Committee on Regulations and Ordinances.

1943-1968 - Longest serving woman Parliamentarian.

1946 - Chaired government committee on women's rights.

1948 - First Australian woman to attend an Empire Parliamentary Association conference in London, England.

1951-1968 - Foundation member of the Australian National University council.

1968 - Retired from Parliament.

2016 - Federal electorate in Western Australia, Tangney, gazetted commemorating Dame Dorothy Margaret Tangney.