Also known as: née Dare, Zara Wilson

Born: 28 May 1886

Died: 1 October 1965

Special Achievements:

1931 - First of two women police officers in Queensland.

Additional Information:

She spent 1917-1921, ca 1925-1930 as an officer with the Salvation Army serving in China. In 1930, she began working for the Women’s Temperance League as an organiser.

“Of the sixty applications received, Eileen O’Donnell and Zara Dare were selected and appointed for a probationary period of twelve months. Their duties were to assist in investigations where offences had been committed against women and girls; and to pay particular attention to welfare of women and girls who were found to frequent the streets.” [Women in History: Places of Purpose] In 1940, she retired after marrying.