Ethel Daffodil WRIGHT

Also known as: née Sandford, Daff, Daffodil, Daphne

Born: 10 August 1900

Died: 1981

Special Achievements:

Daffodil Wright was a pioneer woman on cattle stations in South Australia and Northern Territory. She lived remotely and in rudimentary conditions at Mount Dare with her parents in a dwelling made of halved river gum logs and corrugated roof.  Water came from a windmill well.  Horse and buggy were the only mode of transport.  At Glen Helen she lived in a single room corrugated iron shed, two doors, no windows and a stone fireplace where she did not see another white woman for two years.  She then decided to go mustering with her husband.   

Daffodil and her husband Charlie started the first laundry in Alice Springs and laundered the troops' clothes during World War II.  Interestingly, Daffodil's steam boiler from the laundry was sold locally to Cavenagh's cool drink factory.  Daffodil ran a boarding house for young women from around 1949/50 to 1974.

Additional Information:

As a teenager, Daffodil trained horses and entered dressage events in the Ororroo Show.  


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    Image used with permission and taken from Reg Harris's book, Legendary Territorians, Harris Nominees Pty Ltd, 2007, page 61.

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    Story used with permission and taken from Reg Harris's book, "Legendary Territorians," Harris Nominees Pty Ltd, 2007, pages 61-63.

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