Christiane Susanne Augustine ZADOW

Also known as: née Hofmeyer, Augusta

Born: 27 August 1846

Died: 7 July 1896

Special Achievements:

"Mrs Inspector Zadow", South Australia's first and the nation's second woman Inspector of Factories was appointed in 1895, having to share an office, amongst others, with City Coroner. She inspected, without leave, the working conditions of 400 factories but ironically died suddenly within 16 months probably from a work-related illness.

Additional Information:

1890 - Working Women's Trades Union formed to reform 'sweated' conditions of female clothing workers.  Augusta Zadow was Treasurer.
1891 - Delegate to United Trades and Labor Council.
1893 - Established the Coperative White Workers' Association.  TLC collected 3d (penny ) subscriptions to erect tombstone "Self-denying Efforts on Behalf of the Struggling and Oppressed.”