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Patricia Julianne EVANS

Also known as: née Morris

Special Achievements:

Qualified as an accountant in 1948, and in 1949, at 21, became the first female accountant to be employed by Bitumen and Oil Refineries (Australia) Limited (Boral).  One of the earliest women to work in accounting in Australia, she held senior Accounting positions in several firms during the 1960s and 70s.  She worked as an accountant until 1996.

Additional Information:

While Patricia was not a "first," she could be seen as a pioneer in the predominantly male field of accounting.  She secured a contract amenable to raising children (e.g., finished work at 4 pm and took her leave during school holidays), somewhat unusual in the 1960s.

1948 - Qualified for the Federal Institute of Accountants.
1956 - Qualified as a Chartered Secretary.


  • References

    She Studied While Baby Slept.  The Sydney Morning Herald.  February 7, 1957:p. unknown.

  • Image - Patricia Evans

    Photo was published in the BORAL's 70th anniversary article, December 2016.

    Photo provided by, and used with permission of, Patricia Evans and Suzanne Newnham.