ARNOLD, Rosemary

Born: 18/4/1934

Special Achievements:

In 1967, Rosemary became Australia's first female commercial helicopter pilot.  She achieved commercial ratings in both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.  Rosemary was the first and only helicopter pilot in Australia for twelve years.

Additional Information:

Rosemary studied a Bachelor of Aviation at the University of Western Sydney.  She started her own air charter company in 1976, flying as chief pilot with commercial fixedwing, rotarywing, land, sea, piston, gas-turbine and aerobatic qualifications.  She travelled throughout Australia in her helicopter, raising funds for hospitals, physically and mentally disabled and underprivileged children.  Her record is 75 takeoffs and landings in an 8-hour flying day, 276 passengers carried in one day and 39 Santa deliveries.  Rosemary lived in the United States from 1983 until 1997, and has also flown in New Caledonia and Malaysia.