Also known as: Ros Bandt

Born: 18 August 1951

Special Achievements:

Ros Bandt is an internationally acclaimed sound artist, composer, researcher and performer and has been described as one of the most individual presences in Australian music.  Since 1977 she has pioneered interactive sound installations, sound sculptures and created sound playgrounds, spatial music systems, and some 40 sound installations worldwide.  Trained as a school teacher, Bandt went on to study chance music and completed her Masters in 1974 at Monash University with a thesis on the work of John Cage and later completed her PhD in 1983 also at Monash University.

A pioneer of interactive sound sculpture in Australia, she has exhibited in many Australian city and regional centres including her work Sound Playground in Brunswick, Melbourne in 1981.  Making use of electronics, tapes and interactive playback systems, Bandt's compositions also feature environmental sound and unusual instrument combinations.  Bandt performs on a wide variety of instruments including recorders, psaltry, percussion and the tarhu.  

In 1990 Ros became the first woman to win the Don Banks Composers Award (the purpose of this award is to honour publicly an artist of high distinction who has made an outstanding and sustained contribution to Australian music over a period of many years). Other awards include the inaugural Benjamin Cohen Peace Prize in the USA and the Sound Art Australia Prize funded by the ABC and the Goethe Institute.