BURGMANN, Meredith

Also known as: Hon Dr Meredith Burgmann

Born: 26 July 1947

Special Achievements:

Meredith Burgmann was the first woman President of the Academics Union of New South Wales.  She was also the co-founder of the National Pay Equity Coalition (1988) and of the Ernie Awards for sexist remarks (1992).

Additional Information:

Meredith entered the New South Wales State Parliament in 1991 and became President of the New South Wales Legislative Council in 1999, a position she held until retirement in 2007.  She is the longest serving female presiding officer in Australia. In 2008, Meredith was appointed a councillor on the City of Sydney Council.

Before entering Parliament, she was a senior lecturer in politics and industrial relations at Macquarie University.  Some of her first forays into politics have been as an activist. She has been arrested 21 times and spent time in prison for running onto the Sydney Cricket Ground in 1971 during the Springboks tour.

 Meredith has written on issues such as equal pay, environmentalism, Aboriginal rights and foreign policy and speaks on issues such as politics, feminism, international aid and development.