DAVY, Christine

Born: 7 August 1934

Special Achievements:

1963 - Won Australian Women Pilots' Association (A.W.P.A.) Annual Reliability Trial and the Nancy Bird Trophy.

1 January 1970 - Awarded Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE), in recognition of her service to civil aviation.

1974 - First woman pilot of a passenger airline, Connair, in Australia.

Additional Information:

1958 - Learnt to fly.

“In June 1963, E J Connellan offered [Christine] a position as Chief Flying Instructor to form an Aero Club. [In] 1964, E J Connellan gave the option for Christine to join Connellan Airways whilst continuing to train pilots at weekends at the Aero Club.
On the 5th July 1974 Christine became the first Australian woman to hold a 1st Class Air Transport Pilot's Licence, and she was the first Western woman in the world to become a Check Captain.
She acquired her F27 Friendship Command in August 1979.
Sadly, on the 10th of January 1981, the airline that had commenced as Connellan Airways, known later as Connair and finally Northern Airlines, ceased operations. Christine’s eighteen years of flying for Connellan Airways – Connair - Northern Airlines came to end.
From 1984 to March 1997, Christine flew for Lloyds Helicopters [covering police work and medical evacuations]. She then retired to her farm in Southern New South Wales.”

Also interested in Dressage events.
1956 - Represented Australia at Winter Olympics in Italy, competing in downhill (39th out of 47), giant slalom (33rd out of 48), and slalom (37th out of 49).

1960 - Represented Australia at Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley, USA, competing in downhill (27th out of 46), giant slalom (32nd out of 45), and slalom (29th out of 44).