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Also known as: Emeritus Professor Dianne Yerbury, Dr Dianne Yerbury

Born: 25 March 1941

Special Achievements:

In 1987 Dianne Yerbury became the first female Vice-Chancellor in Australia (Macquarie University), a role she held until 2007.

She is currently the inaugural Chair of the Crescent Think Tank and Crescent Wealth.

Additional Information:

1987: Made Professor Emerita at the University of New South Wales.

1984 - 2006: GM/CEO of the Australia Council for the Arts

2002: She was named the Telstra New South Wales Business Woman of the Year. 

2003-04: Vice-President, Australian Vice-Chancellors' Committee

2004-05: President, of the Australian Vice-Chancellors' Committee.

2006:Professor Yerbury would remain at Macquarie University in the role of Arts and Culture Ambassador and also as International Ambassador for the University. 

2007: Resigned from Maquarie University 

2019: Became the inaugural chair of the Crescent Think Tank and Crescent Wealth

The Crescent Think Tank is an independent Australian policy think tank charged with the task of generating new ideas and dialogue on the issues of nation building, infrastructure, socially responsible investment and Islamic finance.

The Think Tank board is chaired Emeritus Professor Dianne Yerbury AO and joined by academics and experienced professionals from all over the world.

Her many directorships include: GIO (1983 – 1988), Australia Post (1998 – 2002), Citibank Australia (1998 – 2002), University Co-operative Bookshops (2000 to present), Beta Investments (2000 to present); CEDA (2003 – 2008) and IBT Education now known as Navitas (2006 – 2008). 

In addition to two Honorary Doctorates, Dianne was made an Officer in the Order of Australia (AO) in 2000 and awarded a Centenary Medal in 2002.